Travelling by motorhome with children

The experts at Go Caravan Canarias assure you that travelling with children in a motorhome is a unique experience that offers a lot of moments to enjoy with the family. This is a type of travel that combines the comfort of a home on wheels with the freedom to explore different destinations at your own pace. However, you should bear in mind that travelling with children is not the same as travelling with adults only. To do this, we are going to show you how to plan a motorhome trip with children, focusing on the specific needs that the little ones may have.

Planning a motorhome trip with children

Choose your destination

First of all, we recommend you to take out a map and decide together which places you would like to visit. For example, we would start by selecting a beach or mountain destination. Once you have made up your mind, decide whether you are going to spend the night on your own, in a campsite or in a rest area for mobile house. Motorhome trips with children can be enhanced by staying at campsites with swimming pools and other activities.

Second, when selecting a destination, make sure that it is not too far from your city or municipality. Long journeys are not usually too much for the little ones, so it’s best to take a short break,

Develop the safest and most enjoyable route

The route you design as a family should also be agreed upon. The sensible thing to do is to choose a destination and plan an itinerary, but if you don’t get there in the end, that’s OK – children have very alert minds and may prefer to stay an extra day in an area they’ve loved.

Also bear in mind that children have specific needs while travelling in a mobile house:


  • Younger children may need to take a nap, as rest is essential for their growth. ake advantage of naps to travel during the day and make progress on your route.
  • You’re not going to put children on the move to read a book, because they might get dizzy, but you can leave them a tablet with an educational series. Or just let yourself be carried away by traditional games.

Travel safety

Children must travel safely, just like adults. However, you must take into account the saddles or restraint systems they need according to their weight and height. And never let them travel lying in bed or without a seatbelt: if you have an accident… The consequences would be very serious and you would be committing a reckless act.


Mobile house trips with children must also take equipment into account. First, if the destination is in the mountains, remember to bring arm clothes in winter, and long-sleeved shirts at least in summer. If it’s a beach destination, make sure you pack swimming costumes and cool clothes. However, if your children are very young, remember to leave room for nappies and lots of spare clothes: they will need them if they get dirty often.

The food

Finally, make sure that your children continue to eat a healthy and balanced diet despite the fact that you are travelling with them in a mobile house. Don’t fall into the traps of fast food and processed foods.

Advantages of travelling in a motorhome with small children

  • Great comfort and convenience: you have all the comforts of home, while on the move. You will have a fully equipped kitchen to prepare meals for your children and a private bathroom, especially useful when travelling with children.
  • Flexibility: adapt your itinerary according to your children’s needs. If they like a place very much, they can stay longer and explore it thoroughly.
  • Direct contact with nature: children will be able to enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, and getting to know the local flora and fauna.
  • Family bonding: sharing a small space encourages the family to spend more time together, strengthening family ties like no other experience.

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